How it works

Senior Health is an issue for many if us personally, and for society as a whole. For us personally, we wish to grow old while retaining our youthful vigor and our mental faculties. Recent research indicates that exercise for seniors is important in maintaining Senior Health. We have included a simple example of a suitable exercise for seniors in the video below.

Senior Health is also increasingly becoming an issue for governments across the western world as the post war baby boom er generation approaches retirement age. An increasing share of the budget will be required to support health for seniors, who have an increasing portion of the vote. Many seniors learn early that they cannot do everything they did when they were younger. They may not be as flexible.

They may be suffering from arthritis. Traumatic injuries from younger years such as sporting injuries may be giving acute pain and restricting strength and mobility. They may discover they have bones which are softer and do not heal as quickly, usually due to osteoporosis. This disease is sadly becoming more common and sufferers have to take particular care they do not have a fall.

There are also the common western diseases of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. All of which are more likely if the senior is suffering from obesity. And then there are the ailments most frightening to the elderly, Alzheimer's and depression. When we reach an age where we start to worry about these issues, many of us start to panic.

For the most part we need not, as medical science is advancing every day. The important things are to ensure that: The family of a senior will often raise the issue of Senior Health as soon as they feel there is a problem or likely to be one. Sometimes the family will become involved only after there has been a traumatic incident like a fall. The family usually desires to have their loved one with them as long as possible, with the best life their resources can provide.

For the family the concerns are: It is important to ensure that the health of the senior is maintained as well as possible for a number of reasons, but the most important is quality of life for all concerned. We want an old age where we are active and alert, surrounded by friends, loved ones and family. We want an old age where we can live independently and not be required to get assistance for the simplest of tasks such as eating. Our family wants the same, and they do not want the burden of an infirmed relative.

But more importantly, they want their last memory of a loved one to be a happy one where they share happy occasions together. It is because of all these concerns that we wanted to create this web site to provide useful information to all stakeholders. This site is still a work in progress, so check back soon. We hope you fine the information here on Senior Health useful.